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Method: Manual purchase

An advisor will contact you to receive your account details and make the in-game purchase.


Wild Only: Must be Bronze rank 10 or higher to open and cannot be used in standard


wild fighting

meet the league

Befriend the famous and courageous dwarven explorer and historian, Brann Bronzebeard; with Reno Jackson, who describes himself as a world-famous treasure hunter; with the brilliant night elf scholar, Elise Starseeker, and the adventurous murloc knight, Sir Finley Mrrgglton! Make your way in each of the wings accompanied by your fellow expeditioners.



Discover buried treasures

The League of Explorers introduces a new keyword that will allow you to make your own discoveries: “Discover”. You will cherish the most the opportunity to unearth cards and select the one that suits you best.


Traverse four epic wings

Whether you're unraveling mysteries in the Temple of Orsis; pillaging the depths of Uldaman; facing off against naga and murlocs alongside Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the Ruined City, or dazzled by the grandeur of the Explorers' Hall; all wings have secrets to discover. Face all the challenges and recover the Staff of Origins. Only time will tell what happens next!