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Wild Only: Must be Bronze rank 10 or higher to open and cannot be used in standard


wild fights

four fascinating wings

When things get ugly, only you can keep the party from going to waste. After the prologue mission, fight 12 bosses in the Hall, the Opera House, the Menagerie, and the Spire to rescue the host. Get rewards by defeating each boss and completing each wing!



Revealing Class Challenges

Nine of Karazhan's bosses have a class challenge prepared for you after defeating them in normal mode. Use the preset decks to crush them and unlock the new class cards!



In a heroic way

Once you've defeated all the bosses, you can take on them in the ultra-demanding heroic mode. This particularly challenging game mode is designed for players who want to test their puzzle-solving skills against powerful opponents. Prepare your best deck and sharpen your wits.



New portals!

You never know what's going to happen in Medivh's lovely finery. With the new portal spell cards, you can fill the board with random minions at your whim. Let the magic show begin!



45 bewitching cards

 And what is a party without gifts? Medivh is totally out of control and that means some legendary loot is too. From spooky silverware and enchanted chess pieces to a card from the Archmage himself, these cards will make any deck a little more magical!