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Touch the sky with your hands

 Light the way in an outfit of garments crafted from pure stardust and woven with the same magic used to forge Azeroth's constellations. This complete look set features a starry sky effect, and will have you glowing with an otherworldly cosmic glow.


An instant makeover

unleash your individuality

 All eyes will be on you thanks to the fantastic clothing that you can use to create your own style. You can embrace your versatility and change your look whenever you feel like it or stay true to a trend; either way, you'll look great on all the adventures you go on.


Do not miss it

 The pieces in this set can be worn separately or all at once, the ultimate flexibility for you to express your fashion sense. Completely replace the look of your gear or use some more flashy pieces to upgrade your favorite outfit for an enviable style.



It is shared between the characters

 You will be able to use the Celestial Watcher's Set immediately after purchasing it. Once activated, it will apply to your current and future World of Warcraft characters on the same regional account. Transmog sets will appear in each character's transmog collections and interfaces. Upgrade your look by visiting a transmogrifier in any major faction city (at standard in-game gold cost).