We buy activation codes and video game coins online.

Shopping hours: 9am-8pm Peru.

Check promotional price when selling.

Step 1: Contact us to inform you of the current price and the products or currencies required.
Step 2: Make the shipment.
Step 3: Indicates your payment and receipt data in minutes.


Payment methods:

Bank transfers to all countries, Paypal, Bitcoin, USDT, Amazon Gift Card.
Now we also pay for Tether USDT! (Binance)

Conditions ofand sell:

- The promotion of 10 tokens for WoW is valid only from the moment the user requests it.
- The client is responsible for requesting the exact or average payment rate with the payment method/currency of their choice,
understanding the different detailed exchange rates.
- Always check that all the payment information you send us is correct, since once the payment is sent this is irreversible.
- We receive a single transaction per day of any amount (you can sell in different games and currencies at the same time).




How do we calculate the payment in Bitcoin?

Calculation formula:
Total balance sent * (Token price offered in $ / 15) * Exchange rate USD to Soles] / BTC price in Soles = BTC to send
For example, if you sell a token and we offer you 8.5 USD,
while the change from USD to Soles is 3.70 soles;
and the price of BTC in Localbitcoins ads is 123,200 soles:

[15 * (8.5 / 15) * 3.70 *] / 123200 = 0.000255276 BTC to send.

So if the actual price of BTC at the time of the transaction is 33043 USD
it would mean that you would receive: 0.000255276 * 33043 = 8.43 USD


How do we calculate the payment in USDT?

Calculation formula:
Total balance sent * (Token price offered in USD / 15) * Exchange rate USD to Soles] / USDT Price in Soles (Buy>Fiat>Pen) = USDT to send

How do we calculate payment in other currencies?

USDT to ship (calculated above) * Sale Price USDT in other currencies (example link to Venezuelan Bolívares Soberanos currency; requires adding the average payment amount per token in "Amount").

Because we use intermediaries to exchange currencies, the exchange rate is usually slightly lower than the actual rate at the time of the transaction. You can always ask us for an average of exactly how much you will receive in any currency (including USDT or Bitcoin).


 By receiving the link to this page and making a sale, we consider that you accept and agree to all the conditions indicated.