What is written here extends to your purchases in our offices and online purchases. As long as you have your digital purchase note, the following points will be valid according to your requirements.

Please check your physical merchandise before removing the packaging or factory seals. If you notice that any product does not correspond to the one you requested or you were charged. Please notify us as soon as possible and please DO NOT remove the packaging or factory seals from the product. Don't make use of it; otherwise we will no longer be able to change it and we disclaim all responsibility. We will guide you to make the change and deliver the correct product(s).
The product to be returned must be intact and in the same conditions in which it was delivered.
The valid period to request a resolution to the mentioned problem is 2 business days from the time you receive your product(s). After the date we understand that you accepted the merchandise that was delivered to you.

We do not make refunds for money, only exchange for other items on sale. It is not valid for digital products, except for exceptions accepted by the business.

The exchange is only guaranteed under the following conditions:
- The exchange period only covers the first 2 business days from the day the product was delivered, in the case of physical products.
- We will not allow changes of physical products, once the packaging or factory seal is violated and/or the product shows signs of use.
- The physical product must be intact and in the same conditions in which it was delivered.
- Proof of sale must be shown either at the point of sale or via email.
- In case the purchase was made outside the city, all responsibility for the package to reach us is the responsibility of the buyer.
Once the change is accepted, we will give you the instructions to complete the process.

By buying from us you agree that we do not offer guarantees for manufacturing defects, except for card protectors, paints or modeling materials. Factory defects are usually: missing parts, parts damaged from manufacturing, bad impressions, malformations, errors in the painting work and any type of detail that makes it impossible to use the product correctly.
The warranty must be made valid by the manufacturer and you must contact them directly, normally they send the missing or damaged parts free of charge. 

We disclaim the final decision of the manufacturer as to whether or not it complies with the guarantee of its products.
You have 5 business days to report manufacturing defects in card protectors, paints or other modeling materials. After that time the guarantee is lost. All defects are noticeable from the first use.

At BLIZZ STORE PERU we strive every day to get your products to you in good condition and we normally use as required: bubble wrap, kraft paper and enough peanut-type padding, cardboard, air bags or foam plastic. In order that your package arrives in good condition.
BLIZZ STORE PERU is not responsible for damages that occur during the delivery journey by the courier. Once we deliver the package to the courier, it is their responsibility that your package arrives in the same conditions that we sent it. If at the time of delivery you received the package and gave the signature to the delivery person, without previously reviewing the content, you assume that you are satisfied with the delivery of the package and its content. Then both they (messaging services) and us (BLIZZ STORE PERU) will not be responsible. Therefore all responsibility and legal claim must go directly to them in case you reject a damaged package. In the latter case (when a package is rejected) we could help you in the process. In case we notice that the product is damaged after you made the purchase, we will notify you via email to reach an agreement.
There are no changes or refunds for partial or total damage caused by mishandling of the courier.

In the same way as physical products, in digital products we do not make refunds for money, but only as balance in our store to buy other products. 

The changes of digital products will be valid exclusively in the fortuitous event that a code corresponding to another product and not the one requested is sent; or only if we can determine that the activation code or digital product has previously been used by someone else.

The customer must be fully available to send any documentation that we require to verify the current status of the digital product and its activation. In case the client does not want to provide the required data, we disclaim all responsibility and we will not be able to make refunds or changes.