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Eradicate the divide between solo and multiplayer gameplay in this street racing rivalry between cops and racers. Effortlessly join a world where your friends are already competing and chasing each other. Say goodbye to isolated game modes. There are no rooms or waiting here. You will be able to share the same races with your friends in a world where your paths will cross and your experiences will come together as a whole.

Main features:

• All-Drive: imagine your race running into the chase of your friends, creating a world where no two events will ever be the same. And when you don't want to play with more people? You can always choose to put all of Redview County at your disposal and submit to the advanced AI of pilots and police officers.

• All-out rivalry: Drivers are lone wolves in search of glory, piloting agile cars designed for high-speed racing and epic chases. The police officers work as a team to chase and arrest the pilots with the full power of the police force. Switch sides whenever you want and watch the action heat up thanks to a new scoring system where you can risk your Speed Points.

• New generation competition: Enjoy a sensation of speed that you can feel for yourself in the fastest racing game ever, thanks to the Frostbite 3 engine. Every detail of the game is represented by spectacular HD graphics. Compete and participate in chases through snow, hail, rain, dust storms and thick fog.

• Your car, your identity: customize your cars with performance and aesthetic modifications. Power up your car with the latest pursuit technologies and customize your bodies with new paints, liveries, custom license plates, rims, and decals to show off your car to the world.

• Escape and chase technologies: Use the latest technologies and chase mods to change your chase or run strategy at any time. Pilots outrun the police, using turbo surges, jammers, and electromagnetic pulses. Police are armed to make aggressive arrests, employing shock waves, spike gangs, and calling in barricades and helicopter support.