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Method: Manual purchase

An advisor will contact you to receive your account details and make the in-game purchase.


Wild Only: Must be Bronze rank 10 or higher to open and cannot be used in standard


wild fighting

Enter the Montaña Roca Negra

 Blackrock Mountain is made up of 5 wings. You can purchase all 5 wings in a bundle in the Blizzard Shop for real money. Venture into Blackrock Depths today!


Collect powerful new cards

If you traverse the dangerous passageways of Blackrock Mountain and destroy all the evils within, you'll be rewarded with 18 new cards, in addition to the ones you've earned for completing each wing, for a total of 31 previously unreleased cards. Add them to your deck and you'll be perfectly equipped for whatever comes next.



test your cold blood

Nine unique class challenges await you in the abyss of Blackrock Mountain that will put all your skills to the test. Beat them and you'll get new class cards for your collection.