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shell protection

 Before these murloc tadpoles hatch, they will accompany you to see the world from your shoulders. Carry them delicately in the Baby Murloc Husk Backpack, a back slot transmogrification item that comes in three different colors, each for a different baby murloc.


Wear a new transfiguration

Protect your new friends

 The backpacks will be ready for you immediately after purchase, and you can keep these baby murlocs safe in their cute portable homes. When you go into battle, the baby murlocs will retreat into their shells!



Comes in 3 colors

 Baby Murloc Shell Backpacks come in 3 different colors. The red shell is from the baby murloc Flrrgl, the blue one is from Mrrgl, and the green one protects little Grrgl. Choose the one you want to accompany you on your adventures and change it as many times as you want.



It is shared between the characters

 Once activated, the purchase will apply to your current and future World of Warcraft characters on the same regional account. Transmog items will appear in each character's transmog collections and interfaces. You can upgrade your skin by visiting a transmogrifier in any major faction city (at standard cost of in-game gold).