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Immediate delivery of activation code.

*Activate the code by clicking Start - Update & Security - Activation - Update Product Key - Change Product Key.

*If it is a new installation, you can activate the product in the installation process, after having downloaded Windows from here (Download ISO image).

*All languages available. Global code.

Microsoft Windows 11 Profesional


Easier to use

Explore the new features in Windows 11 that help you get things done fast, fun, and easy.

universal search

Choose Look for on the taskbar and just start searching for whatever you want to find. You'll get personalized results from your files, photos, contacts, emails, and even the web.

accessibility features

Navigate using voice recognition, see what's being said with live captions, or have onscreen text read aloud, in a natural human voice. Windows 11 makes using a PC easy for everyone.

Easy installation and customization

Customize your desktop theme, backgrounds, colors, text, and more to create the perfect creative space to explore your passions.




Productivity is easier

Strike balance on your desktop with easy-to-use tools that can help you optimize screen space and maximize your productivity.

Remaining Space Wizard

Arrange items on the screen instantly so you can unleash your best ideas. Simply drag a window to the edge of the screen to activate the Remaining Space Wizard and dock it into a clean, organized grid.

desktop pools

Keep your digital life organized with desk groups for all the different ways you work and play. Custom backgrounds and labels help you create a dedicated desktop space for every aspect of life.

Microsoft 365

Innovative features, premium apps, extra cloud storage, and advanced security—Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 they have what you need for success.


security is easier

Windows 11 gives you the power to create, collaborate, and protect your stuff.

Performance and security

From the moment you turn on your device, Windows 11 has you covered. It works in conjunction with your hardware and is designed with multiple layers of protection to help protect your apps, data, and privacy.

Device protection with SmartApp control

Windows 11 will only run reputable apps and won't put your data at risk.

Microsoft Edge Security

In addition to giving you control over your data and defending against malware, Microsoft Edge can scan the web to see if your passwords have been compromised.


games are easier

Enjoy the latest games with realistic graphics. When it's time to play the way you like, Windows 11 makes it happen.

PC Game Pass

Play hundreds of high-quality PC games with your friends, including titles available the same day they're released.

Auto HDR

Auto HDR enables games to produce more vivid highlights and shadows on compatible displays.


DirectStorage enables larger worlds with greater detail to load in less time and is now supported on more storage configurations.