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Experience survival horror like never before in the 8th main installment of the acclaimed Resident Evil series: Resident Evil Village

Set a few years after the chilling events of the acclaimed Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, this brand new story begins with Ethan Winters and his wife Mia living peacefully in a new place, far from nightmares past. However, just as they begin their new life together, tragedy strikes them again.

main features

Resident Evil Village característica principal 1

first person action

Players will take on the role of Ethan Winters and experience each terrifying chase and battle up close through a first-person perspective. 



Resident Evil Village característica principal 2

Familiar faces and new enemies

Chris Redfield has typically been a hero in the Resident Evil saga, but his appearance in Resident Evil Village seemingly turns him into a sinister agenda. A host of new adversaries inhabiting the enigmatic town will relentlessly pursue Ethan and hinder his every move as he tries to make sense of the new nightmare he finds himself in.



Resident Evil Village característica principal 3

A living town that breathes

Much more than a backdrop for the gruesome events that unfold in the game, the town is a character in its own right, full of mysteries for Ethan to uncover and terrors to escape from.