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Ride on the energies of the afterlife.

Soar through the skies atop the Haunted Perm Wyrm, a majestic being made of pure, moving anima. The saddle of this mount can summon the Eternal Traveler, a mysterious being who grants you a quest to obtain the Vestments of the Eternal Traveler transmog set.


mounts for battle

Ready to go


The Haunted Perm Wyrm will be available immediately after completing the purchase.


Shared between characters


Once activated, your purchase will apply to current and future characters on a single account in one region. The Haunted Permawyrm and the Eternal Traveler's Vestments transmog set (acquired after completing a quest) will appear in each character's Collection UI (Shift+P).


auto adjust


The mount automatically adjusts to the fastest mount skill each character has acquired. If you don't have enough level to use it yet, the Haunted Perm Wyrm can be used as a ground mount.


*Mount Available for World of Warcraft Retail. No valid for Classic.