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Limited by gravity? Never more

Raised by an Old God gone mad, the Dread Raven now seeks to redeem his creator's infamous legacy by transporting Azeroth's heroes from world to world on his dark wings.

mounts for battle

All ready!


The Dread Raven will be available immediately after completing the purchase.


Shared between characters


Once activated, Dread Raven will apply to current and future World of Warcraft® characters on a single account in one region. It will appear in the Collections interface of each character (Shift+P).


auto adjust


Dread Raven automatically adjusts to the fastest mount ability each character has achieved. If you don't have enough level yet to use it as a flying mount, the Dread Raven can be used as a ground mount.



*Mount Available for World of Warcraft Retail. No valid for Classic.