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Sulfuron flares, in miniature
Set your guildmates on fire with the little elemental lord known as Not only can he serve as a fire pit for your barbecues, but he can also burn any vermin that get too close to his fiery body. Being pure elemental fire, this little pet will even be able to dive into the magma core of the world as you move from one side to the other, and then re-emerge next to you when you stop your steps.

Ready to be unleashed!
The Mini Ragnaros pet will be yours immediately after completing the purchase, without having to sign papers and already with all its vaccinations.

There is for everyone!
Once activated, the Mini Ragnaros pet applies to all current and future characters on the same Blizzard account. You can find it in the pet and mount guide for each character.

Always ready for combat
You can use the Mini Ragnaros pet in Pet Battles - the fun and fast-paced combat game included in World of Warcraft that grants rewards and enables new daily quests.