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 Method: Discount Battletag 


Request: Aggreganos as friends to the battletag that we will indicate to you for 3 days (needed one time only for some products).

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Hire some mercenaries


Mercenary packs are a great way to find new allies, upgrade your gear, and get a flashy new look. Each Mercenary pack contains 5 Mercenary items, which can include Mercenaries, coins, or skins.


A Mercenary in each package!

 Each Mercenary pack contains 5 Mercenary items, including at least one rare or higher Mercenary card until you obtain all Mercenary cards of that rarity.



Open them immediately!

 Your packs will be available in-game as soon as you complete the purchase. You just have to press the “Open packages” button in the main menu or open them from the Village!