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A villainous descent on Dalaran!


Put on your purple cape and get ready to impress the League of E.L.L. in Hearthstone's biggest adventure yet! Your new bosses have assigned you the task of helping them subdue the magical, treasure-filled city of Dalaran, and to do that you will have to use the most cunning moves you have up your sleeve. Go through 5 exciting chapters where you will unlock 9 heroes to use in the game, 27 hero powers, 75 unique bosses, amazing rewards, a new Anomaly Mode and thousands of ways to play. Individual chapters are available in the game.

Expand your card collection!

5 exciting chapters


Conquer every location in the city from the Bank to The Violet Hold, fight your way through five intense chapters and unlock Heroic mode as you complete them! Play Chapter 1 for free now.


Get up to 16 packs


Complete each chapter to get 3 Rise of Shadows packs and a golden classic pack when you complete them all. In addition, you will earn unique card backs for completing the adventure in normal or heroic mode.


Get your legendary gold


Get all five chapters and add the awesome golden card Zayle to your collection - a card that will give you access to five decks from the League of E.L.M. complete.