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Immediate delivery of activation code.

To activate: Sign in to your account, click My Account, then Prepaid Codes. Enter the code sent and done! active ExitLag here.

*Available in Spanish, English and other languages.


Deshazte del ping alto

You will always receive connection via the most optimized route while on our system, ensuring a more stable server connection and better gameplay!


multipath connection
Your connection packets run simultaneously through different paths to ensure packet delivery.

FPS increase
Minor OS tweaks that improve FPS performance during games.

Servers all over the world
Hundreds of servers spread across the globe help ensure a stable connection from anywhere to anywhere.

Real-time optimization
The search for the optimal route is done in real time to ensure that the player is always playing the best possible route.

Multiple internet connection
In case the player has more than 1 internet source, we make it possible to use 2 simultaneously to ensure uninterrupted gaming experience in case of internet provider failure.