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Turn up the heat

 Eternal Orbs are an in-game currency that can be used in Diablo® Immortal™ to purchase Eternal Legendary Crests that enhance gameplay, inferno cosmetics, and more.

Regardless of what class you're climbing the ranks of the Burning Hells with, your walker should represent how you want to be seen in Sanctuary. Eternal Orbs are one of the many ways you can customize your demon slayer in Diablo Immortal.


Use Eternal Orbs to:

Acquire Eternal Legendary Crests

 These are powerful items that can alter Ancient Rifts (repeatable late game dungeons) with random modifiers that enhance the experience. Will Ancient Fissures get easier or increase in intensity? You'll have to find out!

The added risk of wearing an Eternal Legendary Crest is not without its rare rewards. Upon completion of the Ancient Fissure, you will receive a Legendary Gem and runes for your deeds.


Reimagine your walker

 Decorative items are visual elements that you can add to your character, with an appearance tailored to each class. They'll help you reinvent the look of your walker, even transform it into something otherworldly. Decorative items are not only obtained in the in-game store through Eternal Orbs, they can also be obtained by playing Diablo Immortal or with the Battle Pass. Find the one that represents your demon slayer spirit!


And more

 Eternal Orbs can also be used to purchase in-game items, two of which are Platinum and Reforge Stones. Platinum is an in-game currency, also earned by completing in-game activities, and can be used to trade items in the Market or to craft useful Talismans. Reforging Stones allow you to alter the property of an item and can also be obtained through play.


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