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A companion from beyond.

Born from the fundamental essence of the Shadowlands, this Anima Wyrmling floats beside you emitting a faint lantern-like glow. Add him to your collection to enjoy his otherworldly flips and flips.


Your companion so huggable

Always by your side


The Anima Wyrmling will begin accompanying you immediately after your purchase, and you can explore Azeroth together!


Shared between characters


Once activated, Wraithwraith will apply to current and future World of Warcraft characters on a single account in one region. It will appear in the Collections interface of each character (Shift+P).


Ready to fight!


Anima Wyrmling can be used in pet battles, World of Warcraft's fast and fun minigame.



*Pet Available for World of Warcraft Retail. No valid for Classic.