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💡 Giveaway Winners:

5 Razer Headphones

Mauricio Cerna Cuenca

Luis Hidalgo Ramirez

Fabian Rivera Chillet

Alexander Santiago Flores

Pamela Cruz Heredia


5 Mouses Deathadder Essential

Sandoval Guillermo

Sabrina Soto Chunga

Jose Arellano Ramirez

Jean Ponce Chapel

Geo Peace From Jaure


10 Playtime World of Warcraft 2 months 

Karyn Karyn

Eric Flores Sanchez 

Alex Morales Menendez

Paola Constanza Martinez

Frenching Sugar

Hernandez Octavio Arvizu

Carlos Giron Mirror

Jesus Tovar Bravo

Christian Heredia Santos

Jesus Daniel Sevillano Sevillano


5 editions of Battlefield 2042

Ezekiel Crivelli

Luz Varas Alvaro

Roger Quiroga Davila

Natalia Rodriguez Cabana

Pedro Cardenas Sanchez


5 Legendary edition of Overwatch

Henry Floreano Rodríguez

Samuel Romney

Franchesco Burgos Alvarez

Fabrizio Zambrano 

Jean True


5 Gift cards the S/.100

Gianpier Calle Córdova

Danny Sanchez 

Bryan Montenegro Caceres

Miguel Camacho Montes

Oliver Sanchez Cotrina


all your purchases and sales from December 15 to January 5 give you a chance to win:


5 Razer Kraken with headphones

5 mouses Razer Deathadder Essential

10 World of Warcraft: Playtime of 2 months.


5 editions of Battlefield 2042


5 Legendary Edition of Overwatch


Also, all customers registered on the web will automatically enter the draw

5 Gift Cards of S/. 100 of our store


If you bought or sold any product through Facebook or the web, you are already participating!

We will announce the winners on our official sites on January 5 at 11:59 p.m.

Will you be one of the lucky ones?