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Unleash your power. In a world left unfinished by the gods, a dark faction threatens all of humanity. The only thing standing between the Domain and the ancient power they crave... is you. Team up in the cooperative action RPG from BioWare™ and EA.
• Complete your arsenal: each time you play, you can choose from four powerful javelins and customize them to fit the way you play and show the world your achievements.
• Explore an ever-changing world: Thanks to the Frostbite engine, Anthem™'s open world enemies and weather conditions are unpredictable and change over time, as well as throughout post-launch service.
• Meet Unforgettable Characters – Immerse yourself in a gripping story within the walls of Fort Tarsis filled with unique characters.
• Overcome obstacles as a group: Join up to three players and take on threats with a combat system that rewards teamwork.

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