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S/. 241.00 PEN S/. 273.00 PEN
- Immediate delivery of activation code.
- Activate the code in the web de Battle Net.

Complete Collection Base (S/. 186)

Includes everything you need to play: 60 days of game time and full expansions up to Shadowlands.

Complete Heroic Collection (S/. 236)

- Starts with 60 days of game time, which includes access to WoW Shadowlands and Classic.
- 1 Character boost to level 50 instantly in Shadowlands.
- Shadowlands Heroic bonuses: 
- Access to the haunted eternal wyrm flying mount.
- Access to allied races death knights and pandaren.
- Vestments of the Eternal Traveler transmogrification set.


Epic Complete Collection (S/. 286)

-Includes all content from the Complete Heroic Collection.
- 30 days of additional game time (90 days total).
- Anima worm pet.
- Eternal Traveler Spirit Effect for Hearthstone
- Illusion: Frozen Anima, a cosmetic effect for the weapon.

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