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We are once again surprised by Razer and its decision to bring all its experience to the professional world, and we start by analyzing its first keyboard focused on productivity: the Razer Pro Type. And it is that if there is a wet dream for all gamers of a certain age, it is to find a peripheral setup that fits perfectly in a work environment and to be able to enjoy all the benefits of Razer peripherals in our work, and Razer has listened to us. The Razer Pro Type is part of a sober and very careful aesthetic section to implement all those little details that we love so much and that will make work more pleasant while increasing our performance in it.



Given the relevance (and how much we liked the product) we couldn't help bragging about it on our YouTube channel, carrying out a complete unboxing and video review for the channel. As always, we welcome feedback in the form of comments and likes.

El Razer Pro Type

Razer enters the world of productivity peripherals with a severe slap on the table, and that is It is not one of the main manufacturers of gaming peripherals worldwide because yes, and as it enters the professional sector, it is clear that it also intends to take over this market. The Razer Pro Type bets on a sober design that will capture the attention of any hardware lover due to its aesthetics, materials and premium appearance and will capture the heart of any user due to its switches, connectivity and user experience.

We start from the technical specifications, dimensions of 442 mm x 133 mm x 39 mm and a weight of 900 grams. The Razer Pro Type features a aluminum top cover finished in silver gray with micro texturing to hide any dust that may have accumulated and reflect the white LED backlighting for a sublime aesthetic section. This aluminum cover not only has an aesthetic purpose but also makes the keyboard more robust and, why not, gives it a superior feel. In the area that is located above the direction keys we find the Razer serigraphy and the status LEDs on the numerical block.

The body of the Razer Pro Type is made of the highest quality ABS with a white finish. In the upper right corner we find a USB Type C connector to charge the keyboard battery and a switch that will allow us to choose between low latency wireless connection, bluetooth or turn off the keyboard. Note that if we opt for the bluetooth connection we can access three different connection profiles just by pressing the Fn key and a number from 1 to 3. In this way we can use the keyboard with up to four devices (1 by dongle and 3 by bluetooth) without having to unpair the keyboard from any device, making our multi-device task much easier and therefore multitasking. Regarding autonomy, we can use the Razer Pro Type Up to 12 hours while using Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz with the backlight on, or up to 84 hours with backlight off and using Bluetooth and 78 hours on 2.4 GHz.



The switches chosen for this Razer Pro Type are the Razer Orange, which have a tactile sensation accompanied by minimal noise, requiring an actuation force of 45g. It activates at 1.9 mm of travel having a total travel of 4 mm and only 0.05 mm between the activation distance and the reset point, giving a useful life of 80 million keystrokes.



Finally, the back of the keyboard has several rubberized areas to fix it perfectly to our desk and a double-height leg system to regulate its inclination. We also find a small hole with a powerful magnet that will allow us to store our USB dongle to transport the keyboard from the office to home and vice versa.

User experience and conclusions

The truth is that Razer has managed to transfer the excellent user experience provided by its gaming keyboards to a professional environment in a very simple way, just choose a sober aesthetic, premium look and still use the best manufacturing materials. In addition, by implementing the different bluetooth profiles and maximizing the connectivity of the Razer Pro Type, they not only make it more versatile but also make our daily tasks, using more than one device, simpler and more effective. Therefore, and in summary, an exquisite user experience with sublime aesthetics and magnificent Razer Orange switches.

Regarding the price, you can find it for €155 on Amazon

For all this, we awarded the Razer Pro Type Design, Premium Product, Recommended Product and Value for Money awards.


Since Blizz Store Peru we give a score of 4.9 out of 5 to the keyboard Razer Pro Type.

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